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Live the Word This Year

Bishop Clarence Williams Jr
Begin to dig into the Word of God this year, and meditate on it throughout the day, so you may observe to do all that is written therein.

We are in a time, season, and era where we, the children of God, must move beyond just quoting scripture, to LIVING by it.  Many can memorize and quote scripture, but how many actually live accordingly?  John 6:63 says, "It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing.  The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life."  If we begin to live by the Word, it will bring life to all areas of our lives, and it will require us walking by faith, and believing what we say.  That's what God expects of us.  Even when His disciples were faithless, Jesus said "O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you?" (see Mark 9:19) Notice, Jesus was upset that they didn't have faith. 


So, I say to you, people of God, it's no different with us -- His 21st century disciples.  How long will we say we're believers and yet not truly believe?  It is time for us to pray, believe, and live by the scriptures we so often quote, sometimes not even knowing what we are saying, but just casually speaking what others speak, or what our parents or pastors have spoken.  The enemy knows when we don't really know or believe what we are saying.  He also knows that he has no authority over someone who prays the Word, believes the Word, and acts on the Word.  Keep in mind, however, that we don't pray to believe, but we pray because we believe.  We must learn to literally live by the Word of God – that's why it has been given to us, that we may live thereby.


Sometimes we can make things a tradition because we've practiced it for so long, but it is important to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and catch the flow of how He wants to move.  As a matter of fact, we sometimes get too comfortable being comfortable.  For instance, you may sit in the same chair at home so often that you have broken it in, and as with church, when people sit there you say, "Hey, that's my chair, or that's my seat!"  It's become so routine that you refuse to do differently and would rather stand than sit somewhere else.  But sometimes we need to be uncomfortable – in fact, get comfortable being uncomfortable. 


As you build a relationship with the Holy Spirit you begin to hear Him clearer, which helps you to obey His voice.  He will never bring confusion, and He will never do things contrary to the Word of God.  If what you are doing causes hurt to the family or ministry, it's not God.  The Holy Spirit will always act in line with God's Word, never outside of God's Word.  For instance, rebelliousness is not God; dissention, discord, pride and division are not of God, nor anything that separates or ostracizes.  A key thing to success in any area is to understand that we can't do it by ourselves.  Jesus Himself chose 12, and even they didn't all have it together.  When God choses individuals, they may not be who you would have chosen, but know that every one of us has purpose.  Besides, no one can do better, what God has called you to do; just make Him first.  As with the human body, everything has a place, function, and purpose.  If one part is not working, the body is not functioning to its full potential. 


Begin to dig into the Word of God this year, and meditate on it throughout the day, so you may observe to do all that is written therein.  Then you will make your way prosperous; then you will have good success. (see Joshua 1:8).  The Word will work for you when you intentionally LIVE IT.  It's never too late.  Start today, and watch God break forth on your behalf.

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