The Vision of Living Word International Ministries is to see believers restored to Kingdom living through the teaching, preaching, and demonstration of the Word of God, so they make a greater Godly impact in every area of their lives. In doing so, the Body of Christ becomes stronger and more equipped to win lost nations into the Kingdom of God. Living Word International Ministries empowers and restores believers to victorious and prosperous living in Jesus Christ by serving the Kingdom of God with all their hearts, and evangelizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Meet the present and future needs of people, the community, and the world, by providing effective 21st century ministries and programs that bring restoration to the lives of people, families, communities, and the nation, through Kingdom-living.


  • Unite, empower, and develop all members and vision partners of Living Word International Ministries into people of Kingdom living mindsets through discipleship ministries, special activities, seminars, workshops and educational empowerment.
  • Develop special ministries that will restore and meet the personal challenges of marriages, families, singles, health, finances, and education, resulting in total deliverance and victory.
  • Prepare the next generation to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Develop Living Word International Ministries into a fellowship of believers who impact their communities through godliness and love by creating a multicultural environment where all who come to worship can feel the presence of a loving God.
  • Move Living Word International Ministries into the technology age of ministry by providing excellent service in all fields of the digital age.
  • Develop an advanced leadership training institute ministry that will equip and empower men and women to carry out their God-given assignment in the earth.  This ministry will help train local lay leaders and those who are called into the fivefold ministry.
  • Create an effective local and world missions ministry that impacts the lives of all who come in contact with it.
  • Build all that God purposes us to build, with excellence.
  • Create a vision partner ministry that will help Living Word International Ministries achieve the vision God has called us to.